Real estate is like most business, a shrewd investment. You need a discerning eye more than most to spot real value in the real estate business. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case for most people. When the community real estate market is close to its limit, a lot of potential property investors including sellers and potential buyers can get carried away by the hype and become a tad bit reckless for their own good. But a good comprehension of the market, where they reside or what they plan to invest on, can go a long way in reaching a well thought out investment plan on how best to buy or sell properties in the market.

But in this regard, it will be remiss to underestimate the value of having a reputable real estate company like ours on your side. Having such a company can be crucial in getting the support and advice you need in making the right decision. That being said, it would not hurt if you decide to do a little bit of legwork on your own to understand whether a market is cooling off or rapidly boiling hot.

So whether you are looking for good valuable information on the net or you are trying to improve your real estate knowledge, these are tips you need to understand the market and spot good value.

  1. Be wise

Every potential home buyer and seller want the best deal for their real estate. But the two significant factors for this to occur are the location of the property, and the current state of the property. Both these factors are the major determinants to making that key decision. But while cost is crucial, discovering a property that has real market value is hard to find. So it is best to physically scrutinize properly before buying so unforeseen problems do not arise.

  1. Due diligence

What this means is to do your proper background work. You may spot a property that is your dream home; a property which ticks all your boxes. But it is best you search the registries and see if the property is under any line or subjudice. Doing that will save you from buying a liability instead of the asset of your dreams.

  1. Juxtapose actual price with residential value

You can find out if a property is good value for your money by doing the above. Key in the address details and if the cost is below the residential appraisal you can be confident in getting good value.

  1. The 1% Rule

There are few ways to determine if a property is a good investment idea. One of such is to ascertain this is the rule mentioned. You should always make sure the property being purchased can immediately rent for at the very least 1% of its market value.


Purchasing property is a lifetime investment. It is a good idea to find out more before investing. You can do this by keeping your gun powder dry. Try not to be in a haste to sign on the dotted line. Consult your property agents. Do your due diligence. Follow the instructions we have given. All these will help you purchase a property worth its weight in gold.